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Death of Tendencies

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Every being is the part of the same consciousness; it’s just that it is vibrating at different frequencies. Everything and every being are the different versions of the same thing. A being is born and experiences several emotions in his life time and time of his death his soul takes the form of other beings in accordance with their dominant emotion, which have fixed tendencies like revenge ,love, compassion and several other beings which are infinitely intelligent.

And these beings are destined to fulfill their objectives, it might take time but they will do it for sure. They assert their will on different living people and use them as their vehicles. You must have looked at people who do bad things with great happiness it is generally shall not be understood by a normal person but after realization you can see these beings.

There are people who are hell bent to take revenge but they are not acting with anger. They will act subconsciously or even unconsciously to further the objectives of the riders. Then there are person whose Rider has the tendency of love they will love with great intensity. You can find faces to these emotions in several animals in fact each animal is the face of one such emotion and sometimes these are also disembodied beings like ghosts and poltergeists.

Each culture has clear identification of these beings. There are being who evolve into different things. Everything and every being of this universe is constantly evolving to reach the core of divine consciousness.

Even various religions are formed on the different orchestration of the same consciousness. Some believe love to be divine, some believe the fire, or anger is divine but each one of them will take you to the same destination. At the end they are just taking different paths to reach the centre of consciousness because these are the emotions of one being, the universal or the Purusha or the Holy Ghost.

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