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Different Dimensions

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

This is a story about a little boy who had severe xenophobic tendencies and was very scared of Ghosts and the unknown, every time he has to come outside his house at night, he was encapsulated by horror. His name was Sobi, he was 7 years old. The more he was scared, the more his friends used to make fun of him. He was not scared without any reason, he had few experiences in which he encountered a few things from the other world, like a headless man outside his own house, and like he was thinking something and suddenly that being manifested in front of him. And this boy also had the ability to communicate with reptiles, rats, cats, and other beings, he understood the unspoken emotions and language of these beings.

Aggrieved by this horror, he tried for help from his parents and elders, but Sobi’s claims was dismissed by them as his mere imagination. Sobi remained in this state of horror for a long time, gradually he had learnt leave with it, but still he suffered the torments of these beings.

The horror that was created in his mind has opened new dimensions for him. He started to get thoughts and extra sensory perception from other dimensions. He used to dream a lot and everything that he dreamt used to materialize in some way or the other. The boy was suffering from his hyper receptivity. Sobi used to get many things at very strange places like he found a football on road, when was going to school. He used to find various stones and other things and he used to put those things in a store room. He cherished every gift he received at various locations by unknown giver. He used to play with those things and while playing he used to get strange thoughts, not necessarily acceptable but he can presume that these thoughts are coming from other dimensions.

One day at night time, where he was fast asleep, he saw a mountain and waterfall and beyond that mountain there was a beautiful temple located at the hills. There was no road to reach that Temple. The temple was accessed only by trekking on foot. Sobi was mesmerized by the beauty of the temple, mountain, and the waterfall. He woke up but the visions of his dreams remained with him, and the dream has kept recalling, even when he was awake.

One day, when Sobi was coming back from a friends place, Sun was set and it was getting dark. He started to have visions about something which was following him. There was a translucent Dark Shadow, he became fearful and started walking faster and faster, but the ghost also followed him with same pace. There was a turn to an narrow passage the boy turned and entered the passage but the ghosts came from all directions and surrounded Sobi. One of the ghosts came forward. Sobi was terrified, the ghost came and given him an envelope.

It was a purple envelope and the name of Sobi was written on it along with his address, name and address of the sender as Tiphu Nodi, Conglomeration of Universal spirits. Sobi was reluctant to open the letter, but the ghost who came forward and said that this letter for you which might transform your life and help you do things that you always dreamt of. Sobi reluctantly opened the letter.

The letter was as follows:

Dear Mr Sobi

of 29 Elphinstone Street

I am Tiphu nodi, I am the Chief Preservator of Congratulation of Universal Spirits. We are an organization which has all the souls of this universe as members and we admit souls who has broken the material bounds of Earth and are set free and have also gathered sufficient strength to further the objectives of our organization, which is if put in a few words is to promote love and compassion. We have registered in our server that you have just become eligible to be a member of our organization and take full control of your soulful powers. It’s a great achievement for you to be part of our esteemed organization and I welcome you to open the magic of your soul.

If you are ready to avail this opportunity then you have to sign the acknowledgement and consent form attached with this later. You have to reach a church located near the Grand old symmetry of the Grand Trunk Road, on Sunday, 15th day of August.

We are sincerely looking forward to you as a new honored addition to the congregation of Universal spirits Thank you

Tiphu Modi

Sobi read the letter but his mind was not accepting this as truth. Sobi thought he was dreaming, he pricked his finger by a needle and found bleeding and hurt so he was convinced that he was not dreaming. Sobi asked the ghost about what are the powers he will have if he joins the conglomeration. The ghost replied that “you will have all the power you can dream of. The powers are only restricted by your own imagination. You will attain Oneness the elements of the Universe and the universe will listen to your Commands. You can be at multiple places and you can talk to anybody in the universe at your will and all other powers you can dream of. In addition to these you will have support of all the souls of our conglomeration and you will be getting a lot of soulful knowledge about everything which will enable you to do things which are done by realized souls. Sobi was very happy and signed the consent form and handed it over to the ghost, the ghosts Departed with a loud spark.

There were certain terms and conditions which were written on the back of the page of the letter. Their were terms like Sobi could not tell anyone about this and Sobi have to come alone without anyone to accompany him and also that he has to bring certain things with him like a clock, a small quantity of every element, fire, earth, water, Sky, some red wine, a small piece of wood of burgad tree. Sobi thought it to be a little weird about complying with this conditions but he thought he will comply with these things till he is ealizat to the Conglomeration of Universal Spirits.

On the appointed day, Sobi reached the Grand Trunk Road near the cemetery and entered the church and found that the church was empty and dark from inside. He thought that he was coaxed and there is no truth in that letter but he waited for a while, just when he was about to leave a small moon like football appeared in front of him. A hand came out of it and directed Sobi to the dark end of the church. The moon kept illuminating the path of Sobi till he reached the corner. There was a door where it was inscribed in vintage letters, “Conglomeration of Universal Spirits” “Please Enter”. Sobi opened the door and entered.

There was something like a gigantic station. People were coming and going, chattering ,and doing all kind of things. Sobi showed the letter to the station master, who told him to board a ropeway cabin, which will take him to his destination. Sobi sat in one of the cabins and the ropeway started moving towards the mountains.

Strangely there were no ropes after a while and the cabin was gliding on its own. After travelling for some distance, Sobi saw a Majestic Temple above the mountains which was Near a waterfall. This was the same Temple that Sobi had seen in his dreams The ropeway cabin stopped at a platform. It was filled with people who were wearing three piece business suits with hats.

It looked like a business centre and there was counters of various things like various medicines and portions and various other things which are not understood by Sobi. There was a counter named teleportation Centre, Sobi asked a person by showing his letter, he told him to go to the reception Hall of the Conglomeration of Universal Spirits.

Sobi reached the reception hall, there was an elderly gentleman and a lady standing at the desk. They straight-away ealizatio Sobi and ask him to come forward and submit his identity to the sole recognizer. Sobi was asked to put his hands in a plate it was flooded with smoke and a door opened automatically. The gentleman and the ladies asked Sobi to enter orientation and and annointation hall. Sobi entered, there was a dark passageway where lights were flickering. There was a large door he opened it and saw a magnificent hall.

It was not an ordinary hall there was a gigantic fire burning in the stage and people were passing through it. There was a waterfall on one side and people were walking on water. The sealing was enchanted as a clear Sky filled with stars. There was a Whirlpool of air on one side.

There was a group of 26 people who were looking exactly like Sobi and Sobi could recognize that they are also new entrants like him to the Conglomeration of Universal Spirits. Sobi went to the side of that group and stood there. There was seating arrangement of at least 2,000 people and the hall was full to its capacity. There were translucent beings also, who were roaming around in the air.

A person came on stage with a very long flowing hair and beard his face was radiating with great illumination of enlightenment. He introduced himself as the chief preservator of congregation of Universal spirits Tiphu Nodi. He thanked and welcomed the new entrants and explained “You have got this opportunity to become member of this esteemed organization, because your deeds on earth has freed your souls and you are in perfect ealizationion with all the elements of the universe and this orientation and an annointation ceremony is design to make the new interence ealiza their own powers which they have already achieved and make them formally associated with each of the elements. The new entrants will be required to pass fire without burning as they have already burnt themselves, they have to pass water without getting wet, they will learn how to fly in the sky, they have to fly with the winds to open their Minds to the sky to make them receptive of different dimensions, and they will be trained to change forms into any living and non living thing, and they will be given an identification number, which can be used to access anything from anywhere in the universe.

Tiphu Nodi announced the names one by one and made them to pass each stage of the examination and ceremony. Sobi was also called at his turn. Sobi was amazed to see himself doing wonderful things and getting to know his own powers. The ceremony concluded with a great feast. It had all the delicacies of the world and a few food items where there that Sobi had never heard or seen before but they were delicious. At the end everyone had the power to teleport to their own destination and they did not need to go through the whole process again. Everyone was provided with the secret wallet which can be used to get anything and the Identity Number. Now Sobi can do anything at his will and had just attend the great Liberation and ealization but there are challenges that was awaiting Sobi with his powers he could also access parallel dimensions and communicate with different people. Sobi had to stand up to the challenges and help anybody who is in danger or needed any help. He had to use his powers with great responsibility. This was just the beginning, the process has also opened many receptors which are flooded with many evil emotions therefore he also had to preserve his sanity. The story has just started.

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