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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

This is a story about a young boy who lived in a small village near Mandi in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Like every child in the village, Jematva was also a very fun loving boy and used to do naughty things and tease his mother. But right from his childhood, he developed a very special talent. He used to cut branches of the tree and used to make figurines, sometimes human, often animals, and many times very strange creatures, which no one has ever seen.

There was a room in the backyard of his house where he kept these things. He started making these figurines at a very tender age of 5, and gradually gained perfection now at the age of 10 years.

He has hundreds of these figurines in his collection. But there is one important thing, he used to make a different figure everyday, he had hundreds in his collection, but he never copied a single one.

This practice of making figurines started to open new avenues for Jematva. At first he used to be confused about what to make but often he used to get conscious inspirations, and often in his dreams. His parents and neighbors were astounded to see the imagination of this young boy.

This practice of making new figurines with pieces of trunk of trees, opened new dimensions in the mind of Jematva and now he was able to think very clearly and he was also able to see every single thing from different perspectives.

And he never discontinued this practice of making a new figurine every day. At the age of 19 years, he was offered to become the chief advisor of the king Lankesh of Mandi and then when the king died and democracy prevailed, he was chosen as the chief minister of Mandi.

He still makes these figurines, every day a new one….!!

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