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Precognition: Warm Hole into the Future.

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Cosmic or astronomical events of the next many centuries has already been predicted, here. When next solar eclipse will take place, when the next time the shadow of the earth will directly fall onto the moon, because of coming in the straight line, and create the phenomenon of lunar eclipse, is also predicted, when and on what date the next festivals will be celebrated, because of orchestration of a certain cosmic setup is decided. These all predictions are based on the premise that the nuclear fission in the sun will continue, earth and all other planets will keep revolving and rotating on its axis and will keep orbiting on their path, the rules followed by stars of conclusion of nuclear fission after a certain time will be followed and they will turn into white dwarf or black hole after that, a comet will follow the same path and maintain the same velocity for thousands of years and many more.

The above said predictions are believed to be certain based on certain mathematical and cosmic equations, tested over time, based on the scientifically recognized faculties developed by us to perceive things. This is what differentiates a scientific prediction from a prophecy or precognition, precognitions are based on action of faculties, which are not scientifically recognized, making its occurrence highly improbable, and on the other hand there are scientific predictions, which are based on time tested faculties and equations based on those faculties.


Example, A man walking on a beautiful straight road, he can see the scenic mountains on the horizons of his sight, about 15 miles away, he is in good health, 20 years old, without any past medical history, willing to reach the mountains, he is watching. Now what will be the scientific predictions based on the available premises and what will be the prophecies or precognitions of that man about his reach? Based on available data, lets assume both the scientific predictions and prophesy(or Precognition) of that man about reaching the mountains are the same, that he will reach them. Now with every step the man is taking both the scientific prediction and precognition are proving to be correct and ultimately reaches the mountain and able to see the beautiful flowing river on the other side of the mountain. (sorry no dramatics according to your precognition),

But now, lets analyse the event in detail, the premises available scientifically are that the distance is travel-able, man possesses a good health and young makes it scientifically highly probable that the man reaches the mountain, considering, he is willing to reach them at the time the man takes his first step towards it, these premises are specifically available to make scientific predictions on the man reaching the mountains.

Coming to the precognition part, what are the premises available for the functioning of precognitive faculties of the mind, over & above the premises which are scientifically recognized, the perseverance of the man, the fluctuations of the graph of will power of the man towards his destination, his love for scenic mountains and the river flowing on the other side of it, and along with it the things which are not in our cognition like psychic radiations, are available to perform the function of precognition in the mind.

Thus, we can conclude from the above that there are more premises available to precognite than available scientifically, which is both a boon and bane for precognition, as additional premises available creates disparities in the mind as these additional premises in current times are not quantifiable, not comprehensible, and are not tested scientifically with repeated assessments in the laboratory and putting different persons into the same circumstances to find probabilities to generalize the assumption based on premises which are scientifically intangible till date.

Thus we can further conclude that precognition is the next step beyond scientific prediction, and based on factors which are scientifically incomprehensible (till date). The reasons and science are working towards filling this void between precognition and scientific prediction.

Precognition is a natural virtue and no specialized knowledge is required, but with the advancement of science and its learning, we have depreciated the reliance on the precognitive faculty and we have trained our minds, not to accept the signals from this faculty making its functions reduced to minuscule levels.

Neither scientific predictions nor the precognitions are perfect, the most scientifically advanced sports car meet accidents, the most advanced aircraft crashes, the most advanced space mission fail, the most scientifically built building doesn't weather earthquakes. I believe, the reason behind imperfection of both of these concepts are that the people who are scientists believe precognition to be farce and criticize the concept, while people asserting precognitions (generally religious people who are not supposed to be) believe the same way about science, rather both the concepts are complimentary to each other and can thrive only when these are deemed to be complementary.

Scientific investigation of extrasensory perception is complicated by the definition which implies that the phenomena go against established principles of science. Specifically, precognition would violate the principle that an effect cannot occur before its cause.

The term "extrasensory perception" is itself attracts criticism (may be only from me) on the authority of people who assert to limit the sensory perceptions of human beings, though it is easier to talk about possibilities than reason, but the possibilities are boundless and limitless, may be we have only lived minuscule part of the time of our existence and a lot to learn and keep learning is needed to be the virtue to attain perfection(misnomer), we might have not thought and seen what we need to see and think and might see and think in the future by our generations to come.

Who would have thought that we will be able to see inside patient's body through x-rays and MRIs to find out the disease,

that we can see an event happening in the distant land through television,

that we will be able to communicate with a person visibly, from earth to one sitting in outer space, and there are many other things to talk about. I think an Etc will suffice and push you to train of thoughts to find out the possibilities.

we used to communicate through wired telephone line, then without wire with mobile devices, and future is communication through psychic radiations without any devices.

The need and virtue of perfection has to be dynamism rather than rigidity, it is true that, a strong building cannot be made on fragile foundations but a bridge can always be made to connect two entirely different ideas. The endeavors, which became highly improbable by walking on one path can be pursued and the aim can be achieved by taking a different path, which is less traveled or an entirely new one.

Aadhar inclusiveness is on final stage in India, in developed countries equivalent policies are already implemented, and a entire database of citizens with the impressions of their fingers, retina and other associated identifying features are already their with the governments. Now think of the possibilities it will open up,

Analytics firms led by google will follow you with the personalized ads wherever you go,suppose, you searched chicken tikka on the internet in the morning, you enter a shopping mall, your retina is scanned at the entrance, and giant screens installed on the malls starts showing you, your favorite chicken tikkas with the addresses of the servers, like they do with people on the internet, severely on the android, with high penetration in the market.

Suppose, you are going out of your home, and a device to take impressions have been installed on the gate, which is connected to the common server, if anyone tries to open it, a message will be flashed to the nearest police station along with entire description of the perpetrator, and further he can be tracked and found in public and private places wherever such devices are installed.

Further, a giant step in negating the gap and filling the void between precognition and scientific predictions. DEJA VU


Deja Vu s are common psychic phenomenons, literally "already seen", is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past. Déjà vu is a feeling of familiarity, the entire set of similar concept of deja related phenomenons can be found here in very brief, one can search terms to find out more relevant information.

We must have experienced the phenomena of familiarity of an event, dialogue, person, or event in some point in our lives, Travelling on an unknown road, we start thinking that we will pass through a cinema on the left side of the road having banners of a particular movie and suddenly the same happens with us, we move ahead without giving it its due importance, or you are talking with a person and suddenly your mind starts to recollect, what the person will say next and what your reply will be? Scientists try to explain these phenomenon as "cryptoamnesia" as only the recollection of memory which has been forgotten consciously. But Deja vu is different from Cryptoamnesia, as movies in the cinema halls are changed at least every month and you just don't talk the same lines with the same person again and again. Rather I believe, its a sudden outburst of faculties of precognition, somehow succeeded in sending signals to the conscious mind.


A picture puzzle can be solved only after watching the unpuzzled or at-least presuming, what the solved picture would look like, and if a person is entirely ignorant about the consequent solved picture, every piece of the picture will appear to be complete in itself.

The key of this great universe is surrounded by the puzzles like these, just like a computer game, the only difference is that the complexity of reasoning decreases at higher stages, but only for the person who has reached to that level, the complete knowledge of the ideas encrypted in this universe may lead to unfettered precognition.

Watched many movies, in the last few days, Minority report, Million Dollar Arm, Lingaa and Kochadaiyaan, to name a few. Minority report, a convincing representation of a fictional idea and depicting a tussle between determinism and free will, Million dollar arm was more supportive to the idea of determinism as two boys from India, one is a javelin thrower and other working on trucks, have never watched base ball in their dreams leave alone on television, are selected to play for a major base ball club franchise in 10 months time, (a true story). And of-course our great, superstar Rajnikant, who never listens to anyone, did what he wanted to do in Lingaa and championed his own determinism of avenging his father's death in an interesting animated screenplay and narration in Kochadaiyan. Some people are out of this world and beyond any rule or comprehension, this is the reason why, I am his biggest fan.

Now, every event of our lives are a result of constant tussle between determinism and free will, there are scintillas in which free will pervades and the determinism takes a new path. The spaces in which this determination and free will conciliates are the areas of precognition.

2007, 24th September, the first Cricket T20 Final, India V/s Pakistan at Johannesburg, jam packed stadium, crowd cheering and shouting for their respective teams, India batting First made 157/5 wickets, Pakistan in reply 145/9 after 19 overs, the match can go anywhere from here, Joginder kumar was given the final over, bowls the first bowl, a wide, crowd cheers, 2nd bowl, a miss by the batsmen, cheers again, third ball, a six out of the park, now its almost certain that Pakistan will win, fourth ball, Joginder kumar bowls, Misbah-Ul-Haq moves to his right on the off stump and tries to hit it for a six over close third man, the bowl went up into the air, for a fraction of a second, everyone believed that it is going for a six, but caught by Sreesanth standing at close third man in the circle. India had won the inauguratory cricket T20 world cup.

Do you think that this event has happened on the exact date, or was encrypted in the origin of universe, a chain of events which started millions of years ago by creation of the elements by which this event will take place, by creating the lineage of people who watched it and played it, by creating reasons which are the basis of partition of India and Pakistan, which enabled them to play as separate teams, by creating people who made equipment to play this game and a million other rings in this chain of events.

The process of determinism is a complex net and every exercise of free will connects the event with a new chain and a new chain takes over, Final destination(a hollywood Movie) was made on this premise, it depicts that it is like a flowing river which may change its course but destined to reach its estuary. But in the movie, the death of the people had became too important for the writer, and I believe, there is nothing important or unimportant, or big or small for this universe, everything is just an event nothing more than that and the perception of these crypted language of this universe is precognition or so called "Extra Sensory Perception"

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