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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

This is a story about a lion, who was born and brought up with cats and therefore he started to believe himself as a cat. This lion was drifted away from the path with his mother and father. He was 10 months old at that time and therefore his appearance was like a little cat. After walking for some distance he found a family of cats, the cats also accepted him as one of their kind.

The Lion started living with the cats and he was happy. He didn’t remember much about his past life, his father, mother and all the family members, and started acting as cat and also ate the same foods which cats used to eat.

The lion was happy with the ways. The days passed, cats only grew a little bit, but the Lion turned into a large, young, and ferocious lion, but still in his self belief he was a cat and he was always ran behind mice. While the Cat spoke in meows, the Lion used to roar with only a little effort.

All the cats used to fear him but he couldn’t understand the reason and he was happy with his ways but one day it all changed. When the lion was sitting near a tree, there came a lion, an old lion, decorated with marks of hunts and bruises. He was exhausted after a full day of hunt for himself and his family he hunted and killed many animals that day.

The old lion sitting peacefully and saw this young lion running behind a mouse. The old lion called the young lion and asked him, “what is your name and what are you doing.?”. The young lion told him that he is a cat and hunting a mouse. The young lion also offered the mouse to the old lion. The old lion roared with such a great intensity that the Jungle thundered from his voice. The young lion was fearful and prayed the old Lion to leave him. The old lion accidentally knew the father and the mother of The Young land and told the young lion that his father and mother are under great problems. His uncle has took over the reigns the Jungle of Ranthambore and imprisoned his father and mother.

The old lion told the young lion that you are not a cat but a fully grown lion, and you have the obligation to rise to the occasion, to take over the reins of his kingdom for the well-being of his parents and other animals. His uncle is wreaking havoc in the Jungle and no one is happy with, him his parents are eagerly waiting for the young lion to free them from the reigns of the evil King old and told the young lion to recognize himse. He is a mighty lion and the king of the Jungle of Ranthambore, rise and follow your destiny to take over your kingdom and free them from their evil rule.

On that day, the young lion roared with such intensity that the entire jungle felt the tremors and declaration of anticipated war. The young lion attacked the Jungle of Ranthambhore and the big fight ensued. The young lion was invincible because of his newly found rigor. The young lion came out victorious and liberated his parents and his people. His mother and father was amused by the story of young lion and blessed the Young lion.

On that day it rained heavily and the lightning strikes were frequent. The jungle of Ranthambhore was thundering with the dance of nature. It was like the God and the whole of creation celebrating the Union of the lion which his true soul The Lightning were of such intensity that sporadically it became day while in dark night. It was like the universe is dying and rejuvenating at the same time the soul of cat is dying and ferocious lion with all its ferociousness is being born.

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