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Spiritual Cushion

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

There is a very fine line between a Psycho and a Pshycic. A Psychic is a person who can perceive things beyond his regular five senses, a psycho also has the same ability. The only difference is that a Psychic is able to control the energies of his mind where as a psycho has uncontrolled hallucinations. At times a mentally unstable person can perceive things which is way beyond the comprehension of a normal person the problem is that a psycho has a weak spiritual understanding and therefore he is unable to control the drama of his own mind. The process of opening psychic powers is the opening up of the dark corners of the mind in a controlled manner, and if this process is done without supervision a person may go insane. Therefore first a psychic student must understand the spiritual process and recognize himself as a boundless at the immortal soul.

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