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The Spiritual Revolution

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

"Revolution is the disruption of the status quo by an explosive transition to a new method of doing things"

In Political Parlance:

"Revolution means the fundamental political restructuring of government in a relatively short period of time, without following established rules to a peaceful transition of such change of power, but because of revolt by the public and rising of the masses evoked by the feeling of discontent, oppression or misrule"

Aristotle also made classifications based on partial and complete revolutions but that is not material here. A complete list of revolutions taken place in the world can be found here. The process of revolution starts with arousal of subtle revolutions in the minds of the public for a considerable long period of time. Revolutions are a result of continuous cravings of masses which finds a leader, who can communicate cutting across the religious lines and other divides based on caste, creed etc, and reach a consensus for a proper change.

Revolution ends with a new dawn of thought leadership and with the process of election, reconciling, rejection and meeting of minds, a new era is built. There is not much difference in political and other revolutions, and the spiritual revolution (Term is used for liberation of soul without any religious connotations, though it cannot be bifurcated) . To reach to the core of the issue first of all, let us examine the equivalent concepts of spiritual revolution in different Religions: (The order in which the concepts in different religions are discussed has nothing to do with their importance and my respect towards them, though I can take the liberty to be biased towards Hinduism as I am born with it.) Source Christianity: Founded by Jesus who later, was named christ(meaning anointed, Messiah) after baptizing, born as a jewish, and used to work as a carpenter. The life of Jesus has been recorded in the New Testament under four gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, can be found here. In his childhood, he used to be generally found in the Jewish temple, debating on theological issues without any education or formal training on the subject. Though Historically not proved but he had the power to heal people and perform miracles. He used to teach in parables about the kingdom of gods, power of love and how to be part of that kingdom of god. With the passage of time his followers grew in number and with it the fear of existing religious leaders about the destruction of status quo of their religious practices as christ was challenging it. His teachings was supposed to be divine revelations by god to Jesus as he was son of god. and these divine revelations can be deemed to be the spiritual revolution, Jesus would have experienced in his life to leave an eternal impact on humanity. Source Hinduism: The "Sanatana Dharma" as its is said that Hinduism is an eternal religion transcending the restrictions of times in entirety. Hinduism is governed by Vedas, Upnishads, smritis, and mythological epics. Polytheism is an integral part of Hinduism and it is the only religion which teaches the process of spiritual revolution in a guided form, in the name of Kundalini Jagriti by the tools of Hath yoga, Shaktipat, and other methods. More can be found here. Source Buddhism: A Further extension of Hinduism, but completeness and conclusiveness of the practice and theology of Buddhism had bought it its own place in the world of religions with abundant followers across the globe. Buddhism is founded on the teachings of Gautam Buddha. Young Siddhartha left his kingdom to find the answers to his mystical questions relating to life and its purpose, and later after many years of traveling and misery, Siddhartha received the divine revelation while sitting under a Banyan Tree. The same experience of spiritual revolution. More can be found here Source Islam: One of the major religions of the world practicing monotheism, and worshiping in the name of only Allah is allowed. Quran is the holy book followed and interpreted with the help of Hadith and debates on the practices written in Quran, for over thousand years. Quran is deemed to be the divine revelation of Allah to Prophet Mohammad dealing with almost all the aspects of human lives. once again the same divine revelation or spiritual revelation. More can be found Here The Big Question What is This Divine Revelation, Kundalini Jagriti, or Spiritual Revolution? Source Now the big question is what is this spiritual revolution and divine revelation which has equipped this individuals to change the course of the world and change the way of living of millions around the world, rather the question of prime concern would be what led these individuals to the state of that consciousness to receive those divine revelations. The question can be answered by coherent understanding of some concepts of Metaphysics, Physics, Juxtaposition of the internal and external world and nature, and logic and the experiences of these individuals who got these revelations. Adding to it my personal hypothesis on the subject. The mystery of how this universe came into being is still unsolved, there are theories that explain the phenomenon but are not certain, the Big Bang Theory is one the most supposedly reliable theories explaining the origin of the universe, according to this theory, the seed of this universe exploded at a very high density and high temperature state and is ever expanding since around 13.8 billion years ago. One thing has to be kept in mind that the seed which exploded and kept expanding contained all the matter which we have till date in cryptic or other form. This theory supports the Metaphysical principle of Monism which states that all the universe is made of one matter and everything present in it, is the manifestation of the same matter, based on the same premise we move further and may say that because of being from the same source all the matter and beings communicate with each other. Drawing analogy from a tree, we can further say that everything in this world is one and the same because of possessing the same source and governed by a common soul of this universe. Just different in form but the manifestation of the same matter. we are like a flowing river which is destined to reach the ocean of the soul of the universe and find everything we have destined to and dreamed off, removing the difference between reason and imagination. But there is a catch here, that there are two drivers of our fate one is the soul of this universe which is attracting us towards itself through the concept of determinism and carrying us towards our fate, and the second is our own created personality by the experience and teaching of the family, schools and self imposed restrictions, fear, emotions, creating a different ego from the soul of the universe, this second ego and driver of our actions generally doesn't gather information from the soul of the universe which is not capable to interact with it as it is not flowing or expanding in the same manner, thus loosing precious communication from the soul. The inhibitions, fears, reservations of this second ego is jamming the signals of the soul and interactions with other matters present in this universe. The process of spiritual revolution or divine revolution is setting this soul free from this second ego, this second driver of our fate and connecting ourselves to the gigantic cloud server, and getting the free wi-fi connection of the server, the soul of this universe. Source The soul of the universe is perfect, entirely error free, incapable of comprehension, and without any limitations and boundaries. One thing is common in all of these giant religious figures, is that they had gigantic reserves of will power, Gautama Buddha left his kingdom in search of the answers of the mystics, and wandered around the sub continent without any comfort of home or food, Jesus Christ had been crucified by the Jews in an inhumane manner, Prophet Mohammad was severely criticized for his work and had to take flight (Higera) from Mecca to Yathrib, And they had reached that level of consciousness in the most primitive of living conditions. Every human being is born perfect and carried by determinism of the soul of the universe, and is destined to meet its estuary and attain the state of eternal bliss, there is only one condition, the train of your thoughts has to run long distances without any disturbances and hindrances (I will make you understand in a short while, what I am talking about). Everyone is born perfect but the learning and experiences, and adoption of ready made ideas through our environments (will not use the word family again, they will kill me), take us away from our source, most of the ideas we inherit, learn, and profess does not have any personal thoughtful basis, they have not been tested on the whetting stone of our own mind. Though a great man has once said "Learn from the mistakes of others, You'll not be having time to commit all of those yourself". Even adoption of this idea without any thoughtful testing can be disastrous as ideas or subjects can be tweaked to make it complimentary for each other and generalization of them can only be done by testing it thoughtfully by yourself , as convictions are not supposed to be results of plebiscite or referendums, convictions need to be your own, plebiscite or referendum can be resorted to, to reach political consensus, but an individual has to make his own convictions and assert it, and be open to any criticism from inside or outside. The great religious leader have made their own convictions and relied on them and then other people started to follow them and resorted faith on their convictions. An impenetrable fortress cannot be built by hollow stones, the same is true with the fortress of our mind, as untested ideas are hollow stones and convictions based on them are awaiting refutation. The train of thoughts will not run long distances based on these hollow convictions and will run out of fuel before reaching estuary. Swami Vivekananda in his Raja Yoga lectures says that "every one is born with the faculties to perceive both inwards and outwards, but after learning and experience of the material world, the faculties to look inwards become negligible and the light concentrated on the mind becomes scattered" The concentration of this scattered light and focus of this internal faculty on the mind leads to insights to our consciousness, and flood gates of knowledge which is closed by fear, emotion and other inhibitions gets opened. Source The signals of the universe is not encrypted but rather very simple, so simple that one has to unlearn everything and return to the source of its existence to understand and interact with it, the unnecessary adoption of ideas of this materialistic world has put the burden on our mind to make the language of this universe appearing to be cryptographed, rather it is meant to interact with us. It is we, who are carrying the burdens of ambitions, respect, inhibitions, fear and other things on our mind, which is turning a simple thing into a complex reasoning puzzle. The gravity of the universal soul is constantly working on us, it is we, who need to open up, be more welcoming and embrace it with a free mind. We have already tied ourselves to a daily routine, written our fate, by planning the rest of our lives ourselves and negating the attraction. One should step into the wild, and unleash himself at least once in his life, to provide a much needed opportunity to this gravity and attraction to work on himself.

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