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The Story of Personal Legends

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Everything around us is the result of fulfillment of personal legends the work of a person who put their heart and Soul into it and in the process destroying their own will to connected with the gigantic will of the universe.

Everything that we perceive is assertion of gigantic will by someone, the electricity, the wind, the water, the medicines, houses, and everything that is perceived by us, because someone has believe on this things with all their heart and soul and have written this things on the face of this universe.

The destruction of our own will and connection with the will of the universe is a simple process. We have to create an aim in our life and give it everything to complete the evolutionary process of the aim thet we want to become. Even if we don't complete it consciously, we have set a wheel in motion and our aim will be completed for sure, even if it materializes after we leave this conscious body, but we will surely reap the benefits, if we have truly put our heart and soul into it.

And we secure a place in this universe which is eternal. It is not important that we will be the first one to do or achieve a particular thing but what is important is that we live the complete evolutionary process it's like embedding your heart and soul to what you desire. Universe does not award patents or copyrights, if you are tied with your desire that is enough to complete your ownership and place, and this is what we call Moksh in various cultures. And the wheel is constantly moving to dissolve every soul into the highest level of pure consciousness.

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