The Story of Soro

This is the story of Soro. He was a young boy. He has never been to school and no one had taught him any language or any subject, but he still had great knowledge on almost every subject of human endeavour. Soro used to read a lot of books on different subjects. He has learnt to read and write by his own with little guidance from a school master.

Therefore people who had formal training on various things also came to him to know a few things. Soro was also very fond of writing and used to write on various topics specially spirituality, religion, Supernatural, paranormal, and parapsychology.

People used to be astonished to read the writings of Soro. People were very proud of Soro as he has not taken any formal training and still he has having tremendous grasp of everything. one night after having his dinner Soro was writing one of his stories about supernatural beings.

Soro was immersed in his writing and was not paying attention to the surroundings, there was no one in his room and he was all alone suddenly his attention was broken because of loud barking of dogs outside his window. He thought someone unfamiliar will be coming so he got back to his writing. He was writing a story about a person who has died and his soul was roaming around. The soul or disembodied beings wanted to contact his loved ones but every time the soul established minimum contact his loved ones used to fear from him.

Soro was writing but every time he touched these topics, the dogs started to bark, it happened once, it happened twice, then it happened thrice. Then Soro understood that there is some relationship between his writing and the dog barking. Soro understood that there is someone from the other world, who is trying to establish contact, so he thought that he should try and talk to the being whoever he/she is.

Soro had no idea what to do, but his mind naturally suggested him to light a candle. Soro complied and lighted candle. There was no wind blowing in the room but the light of the candle’s flame started to flicker. Soro contemplated on the flame of the candle and noticed that the flame was flickering in synchronization with his thoughts. In his mind Soro thought that I can understand that the flame is flickering in synchronization of my thought but how to get answers from this from the being from the other world.

Soro thought let's concentrate on the flame till the flame has direct connection with his mind. Soro had never done this kind of thing but it was auto suggestion of his mind. Soro concentrated on the candle for 15 minutes only with his eyes without concentrating his mind he left his mind to wander freely. After about 17 to 18 minutes, his mind started to show pictures in flame of various things, like a hill with tall trees, a lake, then he saw himself looking down from a gigantic mountain, and then he saw a dark translucent figure moving somewhere in the hills covered in fog and various other things.

Soro understood that he was getting messages from the other world, he kept on concentrating on the flame sorrow found a great age in his mind to write something. Soro did’t knew what to write but the urge to write was strong.

Soro started writing it was like his hands was guided automatically. He wrote “Hi Soro I am trying to urgently contact people from your world but no one is that receptive to listen to my voice, I am Nibo Suno, I died a few days back. I have committed suicide because of the pressure of the world but right now I am stuck between these two worlds as I am not able to tell my loved ones why I committed suicide and also that they have not done anything wrong to me and I died because of certain people who should be punished for their bad deeds, I also want to tell my family that I love them from the bottom of my heart”.

Soro was startled to see what he is writing but he knew that this was not his mind but he knew this was the disembodied soul and he wants to talk to him. He said I am ready to help you, but please tell me your address I will try to contact your family members.

Soro’s hand moved once again to write. “I lived in a small village named Tyro, near Manali in Himachal Pradesh, the name of my father is Tarah and my mother’s name is Suno. Soro said OK I will try to contact your family but it will take one to two days. How can I get back to you and contact you again. Nibo wrote “you can contact me in the same way like you have done today concentrate on the flame for 15 minutes and say my name Nibo Suno, I can talk to you through this flame.

Soro searched on the Internet and found that there is really a person named Nibo Suno who Committed suicide a few days back by jumping from a gigantic hill. Soro thought it must be the same hill that he saw in the vision while concentrating on the flame of the candle. Soro called the family after finding the phone number and told the father Tarah that “his son was trying to contact him but couldn't do so, he wants to tell you something about how and why he died”.

Soro said that “please don't make fun of the death of my son, we are already craving for him please tell me whatever you want to tell me. Soro said “I am not making fun of anything and I want to send you a letter from your son, which will reveal everything to you. please share your postal address to enable me to send you the letter”. Tarah replied with address and hung-up the phone.

On the next day Soro contacted Nibo the same way, he had told him. This time Nibo was stronger and started talking in the head of Soro, so he doesn't have to write Soro told Nibo everything about his talk with his father. Nibo said “I want you to write a letter to my family explaining everything that I will tell you, if you can do this for me I will reward you with something very great that you will cherish for your whole life’. Soro consented to write the letter and despatch it to Nibo’s parents.

Nibo started speaking “ I was 22 years old when I died. I was a writer and used to write short stories for children. I had contract with several publishers and I used to earn enough for me and my family but things changed for the worst, I got a phone call from some unknown person who did not tell me his name but he said that I have to give him 1 lakh rupees, if I want to see my sister alive and well. My sister was 19 years old and studying in government college we have a small family of my father, mother, my sister and me. The person said that if I don't give him 1 lakh rupees, he will publish vulgar pictures of my sister and he also sent me pictures of my sister which was not appropriate. I had some money, and I took the rest as loan from my friends, and sent it to blackmailers. I couldn't directly talk to anyone about this but I decided that I will put my sister under surveillance and find out who this black Mailer is. I found that my sister had a boyfriend and my sister is blackmailing me with the connivance with his boyfriend Suresh. I loved my sister a lot and I decided that I will not disclose it to my parents but Suresh called me again with more demands. I decided to kill him and went to his house where the big fight ensued, but my sister hit me on head and I fell unconscious. After I regained consciousness, I found that I was robbed off my money, but the blackmailing continued and consequently I decided to commit suicide by jumping off the Cliff of the hill. I request you to write this in the letter to my parents”

Soro complied with the request and written the letter and dispatched it. Nibo’s Parents came to know about the reality and they were overwhelmed by the love of their son Nibo. Nibo’s parents enquired everything and found the contents of the letter as correct. They came to meet Soro to thank him. The abbettor of suicide was sent to Jail. Then one night Soro contacted Nibo once again by following the same procedure. Nibo spoked and thanked for everything and said that from today onwards anything written by Soro as a wish shall be fulfilled with its letter and spirit. Soro was elated to hear this and tried writing a few wishes and he found that his wishes are actually fulfilled. In a short span of time Soro had everything what he desired for.

The burden of Nibo’s soul was removed by Soro and Nibo was transcended to the realm of spirits where he was taken good care by angels

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