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The Tree of Life

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

This is the story of the Tree of Satpati, which stood at the midst of a large mountain. The tree was large and had several branches. Many birds built their nests on this tree, and as this tree was on the path of a grand pilgrimage, the travelers used to rest in its shed by erecting tents and small huts. The tree had a conscience and it constantly communicated with travelers, birds and every soul that passes from there, but in its own language directed to their heart and minds.

The tree loved when every new soul came within its contact and shared its experience sub-consciously, but at the same time it also used to hurt Satpati that everyone continued their journeys and the tree remained at the same place.

The travels of the souls continued but the tree remained at its place, but now the same experiences was arousing a different kind of feeling in the tree, earlier the tree’s heart ached when people left him but now he has learnt to let go, and welcome the new arrivals, he started indifferently wishing the best to all people who left, and welcomed new arrivals with zest and enthusiasm.

Then gradually the wishes from the heart of the tree aroused compassion for everything, without any kind of discrimination. Now he didn’t care for who came and who left, Satpati just loved everything without expecting anything in return.

Slowly the love and compassion that the tree emitted filled the soul of Satpati and the evolution started. With the passage of time, the tree had an aura of infinite love and compassion around it and it kept expanding. Everyone who came near the tree started feeling the vibrations of love and brilliance.

Gradually, the Tree of Satpati expanded its vibrations to everything that existed in the universe. Every soul that touched the vibrations of the tree had accepted a part of Satpati. Of course every soul had preserved their own tendencies, but in a corner of all the hearts, there was love and compassion of tree of Satpati. Now the soul of Satpati became so powerful that it started changing its physical appearance. It has become the most wonderful and beautiful tree for the person who had the wisdom to see the core of the tree, for others it still remained the same. Whoever came within its vibrations, and the tree unlocked its wisdom, that person was destined to live all the wonders of life.

This is the journey of the Tree of Life, the mythical one, that finds mention in various scriptures, but it has its existence in every seed, and everything and being that is born in the universe. And everything that exists in this universe has the potential to become one with the Tree of Life, just have to follow the process of evolution.

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